Violet Crumble’s sweet new flavour

Violet Crumble just got sweeter with the launch of a new caramel flavour.

Robern Menz today announced it had embraced one of Australia’s popular flavours, by putting a caramel twist on its choc-honeycomb treat.

The flavour was chosen after a study commissioned by Violet Crumble, which found more than half of us rate honeycomb and chocolate as iconic flavours.

And a further 28% highlighted caramelised white chocolate as another iconic combo.

Basing their next creation on the results, the new addition, available in bite-sized chunks, pairs the classic golden honeycomb with a layer of creamy caramel flavoured white chocolate.

The new flavour is available in a 170g bag in Woolworths stores nationally and retails for $4.40.

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said it was hoped the winning combination was enough to distract from the many challenges of the past eight months.

 “It’s been a challenging year for all Australians, to say the least, and we know that our sweet flavour combinations offer some satisfying relief and escapism, bringing some fun back into the day and shattering cravings,” he said.

“When we first trialled the new flavour combo we instantly knew we were on to something. You bite into that smooth caramel flavour, followed by the shattering sharpness of the honeycomb and it smells incredible!”

It’s another innovative release in the Violet Crumble range since Robern Menz took over the brand in 2018. Last week it was also announced the brand had paired up with Krispy Kreme for a range of doughnut flavours, exclusive to OTR stores, where it had also created Violet Crumble hot drinks and a shake flavour.

“When we took ownership of Violet Crumble, and began producing it here in Australia, we had the freedom to innovate and trial different formats and flavours of the iconic bar to appeal to constantly evolving trends, and with Caramel we really did it, we’re onto a winner,” Mr Sims added.

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  1. Dorothy Spinks

    I would just like to let you know that your on a winner with the caramel violet crumble. I gave a packet to my sister for her birthday and was lucky enough to be offered some. You will be pleased to hear that she was a fan as well. We nearly finished the packet off in one sitting between us.

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