WA anti-fuel theft technology a runaway success

The Scancam anti-petrol theft system. Source: Scancam.com.au

Western Australian company Scancam has changed the game with its anti-fuel theft and debt recovery system.

Scancam co-founder Eoin Byrne said theft from petrol stations in Australia was a big issue for the owners.

“Our technology is now a proven deterrent to fuel theft as well as a conduit to recovering debt, and we expect more fuel stations will continue to incorporate Scancam technology in their Australian and global operations,” he said.

“Our system detects and prevents fuel theft, automates the incident reporting process and manages debt recovery. This is achieved through the use of high definition digital security cameras integrated with our industry leading cloud based platform.”

Using advanced camera technology, Scancam has the ability to scan and accurately capture licence plate data, day and night.

The Scancam system is a four step process:

  1. The detection and scanning of licence plates on all vehicles.
  2. The operator is altered to known theft offenders and those motorists are required to pre-pay for their fuel in-store.
  3. If a drive-off does occur, the Scancam system generates an incident report, including the HD video footage of the event occurring.
  4. Scancam manage the debt recovery process, pursing the offenders to collect the unpaid funds to return to the petrol retailer it was taken from.

Scancam is currently in use on over 40 sites nationally and will continue grow its reach across the P&C industry.

Scancam recently recovered $4,500 worth of debt for one of its fuel station clients, Sanzone Retail Group.

Mr Byrne said Scancam was delighted to present the group with the cheque for the recovered funds.

“It proves our debt recovery system works,” he said.

Sanzone Retail Group’s Len Sanzone said the Scancam technology is a game changer.

“Yes the cheque is appreciated, however the facility is also valuable because it deters would-be thieves,” he said.

“The cost savings of the technology to our business are way beyond $4,500. While it is hard to put an exact figure on the savings, the system has resulted in significantly deterring fuel theft away from our premises.”

Mr Sanzone said the technology had made his role in management and station supervision much more efficient. He receives reports each morning detailing the events of the previous day across all eight petrol stations.

While there was a reported $66 million worth of petrol theft last year, many thefts remain unreported.

Mr Byrne said Scancam is the only end to end solution with dedicated debt recovery.

“Scancam’s award winning technology tackles the drive off problem head on and uses a multi pronged approach to stamp out this crime,” he said.

12 thoughts on “WA anti-fuel theft technology a runaway success”

  1. This a very beneficial security update for the people. The anti-fuel theft technology has provided a lot of help and improvement in reducing scam and illegal business frauds. This was a really informative read for the people.

  2. This was a really informative read for the people. The anti-fuel theft technology has provided a lot of help and improvement in reducing scam and illegal business frauds.

  3. An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors. I am so glad that we have a good solution to this problem.

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  6. Hey, This device is meant for protection of fuel theft in trucks. It is a mechanical device which should be fitted in the mouth of the fuel tank. It allows the fuel into the tank and does not allow fuel theft through the tank inlet area.

  7. I am really happy to say it an interesting post to read. I learn new information from your blog on anti-fuel theft technology before I read this post I don’t have an idea on this technology. Thankx for sharing for these four steps.Scancam system four-step process.

  8. I have a question or two if I may:-

    1. What if the perpetrator is using stolen plates? or even if the vehicle itself is stolen but not reported at the time?
    2. What if the plates being used have never been used before?”

    Many thanks and kind regards

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