C&I Expo Q&A with Pacific Optics

Theo Foukkare said the people and networking are well worth attending the C&I Expo for.

With the 2017 C&I Expo taking place rather soon, C&I Week recently spoke to Pacific Optics general manager sales Theo Foukkare about his experiences with the C&I Expo over the years. Mr Foukkare first joined C&I as a supplier at the 2012 C&I Expo, and said he was excited to be attending again this year with Pacific Optics.

What has been your past experience of the C&I Expo?

Pacific Optics has attended the C&I expo every year, for the past five or six years. It is such a great collaboration of new product innovations, merchandising display ideas and IT related systems. They all provide amazing networking opportunities but most of all- a central destination for all retailers big and small, to learn, and pickup new ideas for their business. I always try to re-book for the next year’s event, even before the new floor plan is available; it’s that great of an event!

Would you recommend it to other suppliers?

Supporting the industry is one of the most important aspects of being a leading and trusted supplier in the P&C channel, without retailers most suppliers wouldn’t have a business. The C&I Expo provides the opportunity to truly represent your brand to the entire channel, who you are, what you represent, how you can help retailers maximise sales and profit, and if you have anything new to share with the industry.

Would you recommend it to retailers?

Absolutely! With a proliferation of new products, retailing concepts and trends shaping our ever changing industry, it is two days on everyone’s calendar that should not be missed.

What was your favourite aspect of the expo?

The people, the networking opportunities and meeting up with old friends from within the industry. This is what sets the expo apart from most other general industry shows.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

The new location!

Any advice for first-timers to the show?

Have a go! Make an effort to create the best display you possibly can, be prepared to talk talk talk, and sell sell sell.  Your success at the C&I Expo simply depends on your preparation; show up to win and you will. See you in August at the show!

The C&I Expo will be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney on the 23rd and 24th of August 2017. More information and registration details can be found at candiexpo.com.au.


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