Why we’re all dreaming of starting a business

It seems those of us dreaming about quitting our jobs are thinking of doing so to start their own retail businesses.

According to a new survey by GoDaddy, almost a third of Australians are considering ditching their current gig and branching out on their own.

The survey, taken in December, polled 1,000 people on job satisfaction.

The young guns have the biggest drive to follow their passions, with close to half of 18-29-year-olds looking to more flexible/entrepreneurial options, while overall, 54% of people said they were considering making a career change in 2020.

One of the biggest drivers of those surveyed for wanting to start a business was financial gain, followed by a perceived better work/life balance and the opportunity to pursue a passion.

The biggest industries highlighted were retail, service-based,  hospitality and IT.

GoDaddy’s Jill Schoolenberg said it’s a dream for many, despite the challenges of building a business from scratch.

“Many people romanticise about starting their own business, whether it be to increase their earning potential or achieve a better work/life balance, as our data suggests,” she said.


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