Woolworths fuel discount undertaking

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has reportedly accepted a variation to an undertaking provided by Woolworths in 2013, regarding its shopper-docket fuel discounts.

Following an investigation in 2013, the ACCC investigated whether the companies discounts of up to 40 cents per litre, linked to the supermarket purchases were anti-competitive.

The ACCC then accepted an undertaking from Woolworths to limit the size and scope of the fuel discounts offered through the shopper docket offers, to 4 cents per litre.

In a statement the ACCC said: “Given the proposed sale of Woolworths’ service stations to EG Group, the ACCC has accepted a variation proposed by Woolworths to vary the undertaking to remove this requirement and allow Woolworths to fund fuel discounts linked to supermarket purchases from outside its petrol division”.

“The undertaking, as varied, will continue to operate after the sale of Woolworths’ service stations to EG Group and will allow Woolworths to continue to fund the shopper docket fuel discounts it offers to supermarket customers.

“Of most importance, fuel discount offers linked to supermarket purchases will remain limited to 4 cents per litre after the variation of the undertaking.”

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