World first: ANZ to offer contactless ATM transactions

NCR Corporation has announced that, together with ANZ, they will introduce the world’s first EMV secure ATM ‘Tap & PIN’ Near Field Communication (NFC) solution.

Tap & Pin will allow ATMs to read card data without the card being inserted into a reader – providing increased speed, security and defense against skimming.

ANZ Australia CEO, Philip Chronican, said: “The growing dependence on technology means customers want simpler and faster ways to bank – but they also want to know their money is secure. This ‘Tap & PIN’ technology will go a long way in the fight against card skimmers and to make banking safer and easier for customers.”

The Tap & PIN solution is expected to speed up ATM transactions and allow for future NFC integration such as the pre-staging of ATM transactions (giving customers the ability to use mobile phones to pre-program their preferred cash withdrawal value and denomination).

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