World Kombucha Day presents an opportunity for retailers

World Kombucha Day is coming up on 21 February and with it comes the opportunity for convenience retailers to create some hype around the popular beverage in their stores.

Kombucha has been consumed for more than 2,000 years, dating back as early as 221 B.C. It is said that Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang directed his alchemists to develop a longevity elixir to keep him young and healthy, and they developed a special concoction of Kombucha, the ‘elixir of life’.

Now, World Kombucha Day is modern-day of observance and celebration on ‘221’ – the 21st of February for all kombucha brewers and fans worldwide.

The kombucha market worldwide is growing, with the value expected to surpass US$5 billion by 2025, driven by increasing awareness of the dangers of sugary drinks and a general demand for functional beverages in general.

World Kombucha Day was established and spearheaded by Kombucha Brewers International (KBI), the leading trade organisation committed to promoting and protecting Kombucha brewers around the world. Market leading Australian kombucha brand Remedy is a founding member of KBI.

Remedy came to life when husband and wife team Emmet and Sarah Condon began brewing kombucha on their kitchen counter in Melbourne for their family. The business has rapidly grown and is now the market leader in the non-alcoholic fermented drinks category across Australia and New Zealand. The business has also successfully expanded into the UK, Singapore, US, and Canada.

“We are really proud to be leading a revolution that is replacing unhealthy soft drinks on the shelves for good,” says Emmett Condon.

“We want more people to have the choice to enjoy a real, healthy drink alternative to drinks filled with sugar and fake ingredients, without compromising on taste or process.”

To celebrate World Kombucha Day, Remedy will be giving away thousands of free Remedy drinks to the Australian public on 21 February.

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