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Dates and venues:

  • MELBOURNE: The NAB Arena at 700 Bourke Street in Melbourne – 26th November 2018
  • Note changed venue: SYDNEY: Northside Conference Centre, Cnr Pole Lane & Oxley Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Two presentations brought to you by AACS not to be missed if food is your focus either as a Convenience Retailer or Supplier.

Finding the next ‘uber’ of Food for your business

The opportunities across Food and Agribusiness continue to grow and are boundless when one looks at the growing middle class in Asia and rise of the millennial consumers globally. However, along with this is a time of high uncertainty and the potential of disruptions that can jolt the most established business models. The question becomes how do you ensure your business continues to grow in a sustainable way during these times.

Whilst no silver magic bullets there are a number of ways to look through the tea leaves to help define the paths to future disruption.

One such path for F&B businesses is the intersection of food, health, nutrition and disruption.

We are seeing the increased burden on society’s health and the impact that diets have played. We have recently looked at this as space as a global opportunity to identity the macro and micro trends we will see impact in the next 10 years. Whilst we know consumers do not always know what they want, we have taken a push and pull approach by looking at the emerging science, research and technology.

By combining the 2 aspects and taking a future scenario planning approach using an explorative method we have identified 4 possibles futures for the Food and Agribusiness sector in a recent workshop with representatives from the sector.

The outcomes with these futures can enable your business to proactively take a foresight led approach to shaping your current and future strategies and innovation plans and lead to more robust innovations to market that meet the needs of the future consumer.

Dr Angeline Achariya,  Chief Executive Officer,  Food Innovation Centre
Monash University Melbourne

Second presentation following on from this:

Patties have invested in a massive on the go food study to understand the shoppers, customer journey, day parts/occasion and opportunities to help retailers drive growth for their banners in the P&C channel.
With retailer specific deep dives, including head office and countless staff interviews, store visits, back of house tours,  and both quantitative and qualitative research completed with nearly 1,000 consumers in total which includes immersive interviews conducted onsite in about 30 actual P&C outlets, Patties are in a unique position to truly understand the intersection of needs between the retailers and consumers.

Anand Surujpal
General Manager Marketing & Innovation,   Patties Foods

As we look ahead to 2019, these presentations are of key interest  in an increasingly competitive marketplace and should not be missed by retailers and suppliers;  category, marketing and insights teams; senior company executives looking at developing collaborative strategies with their customers.

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