Cadbury changes chocolate recipe

The sugar content has dropped from 56g per 100g in the original bar to 39g per 100g in the new version. Picture: Paul Edwards/ The Sun
Picture: Paul Edwards/The Sun.

For the first time in 114 years, Cadbury is reportedly changing the very thing that makes it so famous- the recipe.

Cadbury is changing the recipe to reduce up to 30% of the sugar content to make it healthier.

In the new recipe, Cadbury has replaced some of the sugar with a type of fibre that has the same structure to allow the chocolate to keep its texture.

Cadbury chocolate lovers aren’t happy with the changes, suggesting ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality.

The sugar content in the new bars has dropped from 56g per 100g to 39g per 100g.

But Australian’s need not to fear, the ‘healthier’ version of the famous chocolate is only going to be sold in the UK alongside the original.

One person on Facebook said: “I think it’s a great idea! They are selling it alongside the original so people can choose which one they want. It’s a lower sugar alternative for people who are diabetic”.

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