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Climate change and sustainability are ever-current topics across Australia, if not the world, and consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing as a result.

Ecochoice LEDs are 100% Australian family owned products that were created to deliver a high quality LED range to the Australian & New Zealand markets at affordable prices.

Ecochoice LED globes use 80% less power than traditional halogen globes and around 40% less power then fluorescent globes. Unlike older style globes they contain no nasty chemicals or toxins such as lead or mercury and they are designed to last over 30,000 hours which is almost 30 years if used a few hours a day! So not only do they deliver significant financial benefits, they are great for the planet too!

Ecochoice LEDs are marketed to be consumer friendly, simplifying all of the benefits and communicating them in a clear and concise manner to the customer. They can be found right across the country in a variety of Independent Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Green Grocers, Organic & Health stores and Petrol stations. They deliver good margins to retailers whilst still offering highly competitive prices to the consumer.

In less than 12 months since launching the Ecochoice LED range distributors have been appointed in WA, SA, VIC, NSW & QLD with the aim to reach all corners of Australia before 2016.
After presenting to a number of interested parties in NZ, an agency for the Ecochoice LED range was recently appointed with first orders being shipped in September 2015 to ensure full distribution to both the North and South Islands.
Given the competition in this sector the sales results of the past 10 months have been viewed as impressive by both distributors and retailers of the Ecochoice LED range with recognition being paid to the successful strategy of unique & simplified branding coupled with competitive price points.
The Ecochoice LED packaging is designed to clearly and concisely communicate the features & benefits of the product in a category that that can often be confusing for the consumer. It simplifies the environmental benefits of the product for the consumer whilst offering the retailer a brand that brings a clean, green, fresh feel to their business.
Importantly Ecochoice LEDs retail pricing sits well below that of the major brands of like quality making the product successful across a wide range of businesses, from large footprint supermarkets to corner stores and everything in between.
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Significant investment is currently being made to upgrade the Ecochoice LED website, with roll-out of the updated site expected before October. Ongoing commitment to other streams, such as social media, that allow engagement with the customer is expected to see continued growth well into the future.
With full confidence that the Ecochoice LED brand will continue to establish itself in the Australian and New Zealand retail markets the range was recently extended and now includes a 7W, 9W and 12W globe range as well as a range of downlights. Access to commercial jobs to reduce operational costs for businesses (such as fluorescent tube replacements etc.) are also available through Ecochoice LED upon request.

If you would like more information on, or would like to know how to buy to your store’s range please contact Ryan Blunden on 0437762480 or

See our October/November issue of C&I Retailing magazine, out Thursday 1 October, for more ideas about eco-friendly products and how you can make your store more environmentally sustainable.

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