Schweppes Australia launches new water enhancer

Australian consumers can now customise the taste of water with the launch of Lqd+ Flavour Squirts, released by Schweppes Australia.

LQD+, targeted at consumers aged 20-29, is sugar-free and each pack contains 24 drinks with three flavour offerings, Berry, Lemon and Tropical.

Euromonitor Research analyst Emily Cox spoke of the potential for water enhancers, based on today’s health conscious consumer. “Given the popularity of sports drinks, with their strong off-trade volume growth of 8% in 2014, water enhancers with functional benefits could certainly find a market in Australia.”

“Water enhancers could resonate well with Australian consumers due to their convenience, unique point of difference, no added sugar and the ability to customise water. Water enhancers are also relevant to bottled water, a category registering strong demand due to its healthy positioning; however, such products have a lack of flavour and functional benefits,” said Ms Cox.

Following a successful trial of the product in South Australia, the product is now available across leading supermarkets and convenience stores Australia wide.

Up to 24 250ml beverages can be made from each Lqd+ bottle. The bottle should be used within 30 days of opening but it does not need to be kept in the fridge.

The recommended retail price is $5.00 per 48ml bottle.

1 thought on “Schweppes Australia launches new water enhancer”

  1. Hi im hoping you can help me find where in Australia i can buy your Water Flavour Enhancer from. I was told of it by a few of my agym friends but they got it thru Ebay. I was hoping it was available to buy here. Hoping you can help me, love my water but the taste here in my small place is not so good.
    Many thanks for any help you can give me.
    Regards Lori

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