Violet Crumble withdraws underweight bars from sale

Violet Crumble 50 gram bars were removed from shelves on 8 September 2015, after Nestle Australia voluntarily withdrew them from sale because a small number of bars were discovered to be underweight.

The issue occurred in large part because of honeycomb’s brittle nature. Nestle uses a similar production process to home recipes when making Violet Crumble and normally manufactures products that average well over 50 grams to make up for breakage during production.

Whilst quality control checks are in place, Nestle found that a small number of bars that did not meet the net weight requirements stipulated by Federal Government regulations had made it through undetected and were released for sale.

Nestle has said it hopes to have Violet Crumble 50 gram bars returned to sale as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Violet Crumble withdraws underweight bars from sale”

  1. A small number of Bars? lol. I bought 36 bars and all but 3 were underweight. If you call 33 out of 36 a small number then yes but these bars were bought from 3 different shops.
    Nestle took these off the market because the governing body or Australian Weights and Measures has been investigating this problem for some time.
    I do miss my bars though and when you think about it, if every Australian bought one bar Nestle would save 1.5 million bars from them being under weight by more than 5 grams per bar.

  2. Well if Nestle were serious about customers whom pay their wages, here in Australia.
    They would over compensate each sale by at least 1 gram. I know the multi national company would cry blood by this analogy. But if only they considered the corporate loss of profits from the infamous “polly waffle”.

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