Electric Vehicle Association slams electric car tax

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association has expressed its anger and disappointment at the proposed Victorian EV-specific Road User Charge (RUC).  

Victorian treasurer Tim Pallas announced on Saturday that the state would charge electric vehicle owners 2.5 cents per kilometre, and plug-in hybrid owners two cents per kilometre from 1 July, 2021.

The Victorian tax would mean that electric vehicle drivers pay more to state coffers than combustion cars that use six litres of fuel per 100km pay in fuel excise.

The new taxes on electric cars are likely to be implemented by Victoria and NSW as well as South Australia.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association President, Chris Nash said the proposed levies were another roadblock for lower emissions transport in Australia.

“All around the world, countries are doing what they can to encourage electric vehicle transport, to reduce emissions and the impact of climate change, but here in Australia, we continue to make it harder and harder for people to make conscious, good choices,” Nash said.

“This has been pitched in a way of making up for lost revenue, but it’s another roadblock that puts the brakes on an industry that’s growing faster than our governments can get their heads around.”

The announcement comes as thousands of EV experts and enthusiasts prepare to join the biggest electric vehicle event ever in Australia on Friday.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association 2020 EV Vision e-Conference on Friday, 27 November, features speakers from around the world and will focus on shifting up gears in Australia’s transition to electric vehicles (EVs), and the dramatic phase out of fuel-dependent cars in the international market.

“This event is designed to showcase the huge advancements in EVs, here in Australia and around the world, and how we as a nation can continue to follow this exciting path,” Nash said.

The first ever online conference will be accessible to thousands, with 45 speakers zooming in from around the world and Australia, including Fully Charged Show founder and president, Robert Llewellyn and Norwegian EV Association Secretary General, Christina Bu.

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