Last Melbourne CBD petrol station to be replaced

The new development is part of the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy.

The 7-Eleven petrol station on Victoria street in Melbourne’s CBD is set to be demolished.

The demolished building will make way for a 20-storey apartment, reported.

The $150 million project will house 70 new apartments, along with commercial and hospitality spaces on the ground floor.

The development will also be home to new trees and greenery, with the development being built as part of the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy.

Perri Projects managing director David Scalzo said: “A building on a prominent site needs a pretty well thought out and diverse design idea, it’s got to be about more than what it looks like from a long distance”.

“And that’s why we have put in the level of thought to the boulevard and street use,” Mr Scalzo said.

City of Melbourne planning portfolio chairman councillor Nicholas Reece said: “Motorists should think about filling up at the numerous service centres on the way to the city, or better still, catch public transport”.


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