Merchandising tips for brands this summer

Striking the right balance of product placement and uncluttered displays can help drive sales through the summer trade period.

Retailing services company Crossmark, who work with retailers, manufacturers and brands on merchandising, have released a quick guide to helping maximise in-store foot traffic and product sales.

Top of their tips for brands is to ensure on shelf availability, and working with retailers to ensure stock will  replenished before it runs low.

Another is to use merchandising to maximise on shelf impact and give products a visual edge, as well as using off-location displays and ensuring these are consistently replenished with stock.

Analysing data to identify top performing stores and ensuring these are supported through periods of high sales is another tip.

And lastly, they suggest constantly looking at opportunities to increase sales opportunities by supporting second tier stores.

Crossmark CEO Andy Kirk said as consumers are increasingly seek a seamless and engaging shopping experience, having a marketing strategy can offer an important push in competitive markets.

“While bricks and mortar stores are under increasing pressure to deliver ROI, planning and executing a strategic sales and marketing campaign during the seasonal sales rush can offer strong brand engagement and awareness, while driving in-store traffic and sales growth to the bottom line,” Mr Kirk said.

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