Nestlé’s Milkybar Milo awarded C&I Choice Product of the Year

Following a year of impressive product launches and innovation in the petrol and convenience channel, Nestlé’s Milkybar Milo has been named the 2023 C&I Choice Product of the Year.

The collaboration between Milkybar and Milo combines the creamy Milkybar that customers know and love, mixed with crispy choc-malt balls and delicious Milo powder.

Joyce Tan, Head of Marketing Confectionery at Nestlé, said they are super excited about being named the winner of the award and are very proud of the product and what it has done in the market.

“It’s doing extremely well. The pairing of Milkybar, as an iconic white chocolate brand, and Milo, another brand that Australians have grown up with, make this a perfect partnership.

“It’s the perfect blend of Milkybar white chocolate and the iconic Milo taste. There’s not more or less of the other, you can still taste the creamy white chocolate as well as the chocolatey coco-maltiness of Milo. The product delivers, the concept delivers, and Australians love it.”

Kevin Pan, Channel Manager – Convenience and Impulse at Nestlé, said it has been an amazing launch.

“We’ve seen a lot of excitement come through from all our suppliers. And there seems to be a general buzz around the whole product. It’s something different to the typical Milkybar, which we’re very proud of.”

Milkybar Milo is available now across Australia in two convenient formats: Milkybar Milo Block (160g, $5.50) and Milkybar Milo Bar (38g, $2.20).

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