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Nexba Beverages win

Nexba Beverages has achieved national recognition as the winner of the first-ever Telstra Alumni Achievement Award. Since winning the Telstra Australian Micro Business Award in 2015, the Judges felt that Nexba had taken their achievements to the next level. Co-Founder Drew Bilbe said that the business has created a sugar-free alternative to soft drinks. “All of

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Revvies – the power of caffeine fast and sugar-free

Do your customers LOVE coffee? Doesn’t everyone? But there is nothing more frustrating than having an early morning start and not having time for a cup, or having to queue at an overpriced cafe – luckily Revvies have the answer.

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Sugar-free beverages on the rise

Amid speculation and debate about a sugar-tax in Australia, an Australian beverage start-up has hedged its bets with new brand of dedicated sugar-free soft drinks. With a goal of creating low-calorie beverages, Nexba recently launched a range of naturally sweetened soft drinks, Next Gen, to meet rising consumer demand for healthy beverage options. Nexba’s products

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