Alcohol content of kombucha, kefir under scrutiny

A recent study has suggested fermented soft drinks such as kombucha and kefir could pose a risk to unsuspecting drinkers who think they are consuming an alcohol-free product, prompting calls for changes to labelling and safety information. Kombucha is made by fermenting tea, and alcohol is formed during the fermentation process, but it’s commonly believed

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Remedy releases Mexican-style Tepache

Remedy has revealed its hero product for the upcoming summer season with the launch of Tepache – based on a traditional fermented pineapple drink that originated in Mexico. Remedy Tepache (pronounced te-par-chey) is a live cultured sparkling drink rooted in old school Mexican fermenting traditions pairing tangy pineapple with spicy cinnamon. Remedy co-founders Sarah and

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Supplier profile C&I 2019- Rok Kombucha

Rok Kombucha will be exhibiting at the C&I Expo. Find out more about the company below! What is the main business of the company? rok Kombucha is Australia’s premium, handcrafted, authentic kombucha offering. Brewed by an award winning winemaker in Margaret River utilising only the highest quality white and green teas and raw cold pressed

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Remedy launches energy drink

Australian beverage company Remedy Drinks has launched its newest beverage offering: Remedy Good Energy. Research conducted by Remedy Drinks, makers of Australia’s top-selling range of tasty live cultured drinks, has discovered that two-thirds of millennials have tried kombucha with over a third drinking kombucha regularly, however a surprisingly high number are also still drinking sugar

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Nexba releases sugar-free kombucha

Nexba has just launched a new Kombucha range and a 1L size bottle. Nexba Kombucha uses the first-to-market strain of probiotic which works substantially better than current offerings. This probiotic is specifically designed to survive the treacherous pH conditions of your stomach, so it reaches your gut intact. 1L size available in Elderflower & Lemon,

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