Violet Crumble Nuggets

The hottest snacks of 2019

Violet Crumble Nuggets

Snack fiends have certainly had their fill this year, which saw a stellar line up of new product releases.

On the chip front there was Smith’s Chips release of Spag Bol flavoured chips in February – only to be topped by their Lamington release in December.

In chocolate news, Nestle’s sweet releases of KitKat red velvet whirl bar, Kit Kat mint whirl and KitKat triple choc and KitKat Snax range proved a hit. As did the KitKat gold choc whirl, which took out C&I’s product of the year.

While collaborations between Coles and MKR in their cookie range and Ferrero’s Tic Tac Coca-Cola were also met with plenty of enthusiasm.

But the five biggest products according to C&I readers belonged to Arnott’s range of chocolate blocks featuring their iconic biscuit range, and Cadbury’s special edition alphabet block range.

Cadbury’s creme egg block was another big hit, as was the release of Level Lemonade’s better-for-you soft drink range.

While the fifth biggest release belonged to newly re-Australian owned icon Violet Crumble’s new bag format range.

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